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Support for Foodsters United


May 6th, 2020

Niklas Östberg
Chief Executive Officer
Delivery Hero SE
Oraneinburger Straße 70
10117 Berlin

Niklas Östberg:

Re.: Foodora

We are writing to condemn the recent decision taken by Delivery Hero and its subsidiary company, Foodora, to close its operations in Canada in the midst of a global pandemic. Further, we condemn in the strongest way, the audacity of Foodora to file for bankruptcy in Canada at this time.

Details of the bankruptcy application cites the Canadian government, the provincial Workers Compensation Board, and employees as creditors. So, not only does Foodora owe money to its workers, it has not paid its dues to the Canada Revenue Agency, nor to the Board that deals with injured workers.

The result of this callous decision means a loss of earnings for over 2000 workers in Canada. Food delivery couriers have been deemed essential workers, continuing to work despite the risk during COVID-19 and this is how they are to be rewarded?

This comes at a time where your company has just reported a near doubling in revenue year over year, including a ninety-two percent increase in revenues in the first quarter of 2020. We hold Delivery Hero ultimately responsible for the harm that is being done to food delivery workers in Canada, and around the world where you operate and apply an approach to doing business that cares only for the expansion of market share.

It is clear that your success lies in treating workers unfairly, with poor wages, no benefits and few health and safety considerations. These workers are the reason you have revenues in excess of €1.4 billion, money you accumulate by exploiting their labour.

We call on you and your subsidiary, Foodora, to immediately reverse this cruel act and instead, invest in workers as you should. Delivery Hero is a giant multinational corporation that can more than afford to continue operations at this time.

Foodsters around the world will be paying close attention. We will continue to monitor this abhorrent behaviour. We will call you out at every opportunity, support organizing in every corner of the gig economy, and demand that workers be treated fairly and with dignity.

An injury to one is an injury to all.

In Solidarity,

Jean-Philippe Grenier
3rd National Vice-President