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Apply for the Foodsters United Hardship Fund


Working and Living through the COVID-19 pandemic is difficult and it’s showing. Many of us continue to work in unsafe conditions, because we don’t have financial safety nets that allow us to stop. Some of us have needed to self isolate to protect our health, our families and our community. Others have made the hard decision to self isolate with the promise of support from the CERB only to find out later that it doesn’t include all of us. In the best of times life is uncertain, and under COVID-19 this is even more true.

We’ve set up a Hardship Fund through a fundraising app to raise some money and help take care of each other. Friends and allies of the Union have been asking how they can support and help us, this will be a way for them to do that.

Foodsters who could use some help keeping food on their tables, staying on the road, or taking care of expensive bills - like rent - can apply. We will equitably divide up the money that we receive among those who apply by e-transfering gifts of 50$ or 200$ to couriers. We don’t know how much money we will receive but we will use it to help each other. We will prioritize couriers who are not able to apply for CERB, are still working but earning a reduced income, are experiencing wage theft, and those who have been strongly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. We ask that those who are privileged to be able to continue to pay their bills don’t apply and let the money be shared with those who need it. We ask that you not apply more than once every 30 days.

Couriers can apply using a google form. This is the link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1q-rUDe0WiFTC8UYh7GZpcJFDowbjxtx5sNrXefh1xuM/viewform

In times of crisis we need each other most and that’s what the union is for.

With love and solidarity,

Foodsters United