Image: Help Support Foodsters United

Help Support Foodsters United

Foodsters United, CUPW Courier Local 104 have just learned alongside all workers that Foodora are closing their Canadian operations.

Take action now to show your solidarity with couriers

  1. Contact Foodora Canada and their parent company Delivery Hero: demand they reverse this decision and respect the workers
  2. Ensure income supports for all: demand CERB access for all who need it and DONATE to the Foodsters United Hardship Fund
  3. Contact Provincial and Federal government and demand they step in with necessary legislation on the gig economy

Take Action!

Supporting Foodsters through COVID-19

Ontario has announced a State of Emergency and Toronto is shutting down restaurants and bars except for delivery and take-out. Foodsters United understands that while you’re engaging in social distancing you will still want to take care of yourselves and your families by placing orders through Foodora.

As couriers and most delivery workers go to work during this time we ask that you think of us and take a couple easy steps to keep us safe, and supported.


  • Please respect low contact delivery and social distancing. That means asking your courier to deliver to you in a way that doesn’t require you to interact with each other.
  • Sanitize your doorbell and front door area frequently including your mailbox for all delivery workers (and our sisters and brothers who are postal workers!)
  • Always tip and tip well. Foodsters income is supplemented by tips, sometimes significantly so. We are taking risks to continue to be out in the public, please let your tip reflect that. Given that there is an advisory against using cash, you need to enter your tip when you place the order. Tipping through Foodora is not as obvious as it should be - so take the extra time to make sure you add it from the get-go.
  • Please be mindful of the distance between your delivery address and the restaurant you’re ordering from. While couriers may normally enjoy the challenge of travelling 4.5 km uphill, at this time a reduced travel distance is appreciated.
  • Support our collective efforts: Now more than ever workers need protections and unions to fight for our health and safety. Foodsters are organizing for better working conditions. Please support us! Visit and show your solidarity.


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Other ways you can help

Support the Justice for Couriers Campaign!


1. Get to know the issues that couriers face, and what we are fighting for!

What couriers want from foodora is simple and achievable:

  • Respect: respect as workers, including our right to unionize
  • Health and Safety: better protections for our safety and support when we get injured
  • Fair compensation: to be paid fairly for the difficult and sometimes dangerous work that we do


2. Tell Foodora that you support the couriers


3. Show the couriers some love


4. Join the campaign!


5. Spread the word

  • Distribute Justice for Couriers brochures
  • Invite Justice for Couriers to speak at an upcoming event
  • Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper
Download a Support Foodsters window sign grpahic
Download and Print

Show your love for couriers! Download, print and put up a window sign to show your support for Justice for Couriers.